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Meet Eclaire the energetic Rottweiler!

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

This beautiful Rottweiler came to me to work on a bunch of things including lead pulling, recall and reactivity which was really just a bit of barrier frustration! On a few occasions Eclaire had pulled her owners over, and they stopped taking her for walks because of how bad it was getting. In order to help Eclaire and her owners, I had to start right from the beginning to build up our relationship and engagement so that she had lots of value in me as her handler. Eclaire loved food, so we used lots of that to get her where I wanted her to be and show her how to perform the wanted behaviours. Naturally, being very food motivated, she learned these behaviours very quickly and a lot of her reactivity stopped due to her having more understanding of what is expected of her. She also started to find more value in me which meant other dogs generally weren’t as interesting to her anymore! Eclaire’s owners were over the moon, as was I, at how much this girl loves to learn and do things with the people that want to interact with her!

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