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Meet Ralph the super hectic Spaniel!

This lovely little spaniel came to me to sort out some serious lead pulling! Being a spaniel, he was very driven by his nose and he was constantly going at 110mph! His owners were getting so worried about Ralph’s pulling and didn’t want to take him on walks anymore, which wasn’t nice for them, but especially wouldn’t have been any good for Ralph! A lot of people get spaniels as pet dogs but don’t realise how much work they can be (of course there are exceptions to this!). But generally speaking these dogs love to work and follow scents! So first of all, we had to work on our engagement and handler skills in order to get Ralph looking at us in order to pay him for our wanted behaviours. We also had to add elements of consequence at the end of the lead to explain to him what we didn’t want. Ralph caught onto this very quickly and with a lot of hard work and consistency he became a pleasure to walk! He was such a happy little guy and I loved him right from the start!

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