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About K9 Harmony 


At K9 Harmony, we specialize in providing top-notch dog training services for all breeds and sizes. Whether it's Obedience Training, Behavioural Modification or Doggy Training Days, we are committed to helping you and your four-legged companion achieve your goals. 

Every dog is different, and everyone learns differently. Whether you are a practical learner, or need some help with the reasons why things are done, the training will be personalised and tailored to you and your dog. Amy is a reward and play based trainer, teaching all the behaviours before adding any sort of pressure to make sure the behaviour is understood, and then reliable in the real world. Amy gives the owners the correct handling skills, tools and knowledge in order to properly communicate with their dogs and to have a relationship based on trust and understanding. 

If you're looking for a trusted and experienced dog trainer, look no further. We are DBS checked, fully insured with Pet Plan and Canine first aid certified. Get in touch with us today and let us help you create harmonious bonds with your furry friends!


Head Dog Trainer/Founder 

Amy has been training dogs for over 5 years and has a passion for creating harmonious bonds between humans and their furry friends. From working at a veterinary centre to volunteering at the RSPCA, doing board and trains and now training her own dog in a Protection Sport called IGP, Amy has lots of experience with many different breeds and temperaments. Amy also has several qualifications including a Level 4 (Ofqual regulated) in Canine Care, Training and Behaviour, a Level 3 Diploma in Animal Management, Level 2 in Animal Care, a Diploma in Canine Training and Behaviour, and a Canine First Aid Certificate. 

Stooge/Sport Dog in Training  

Meet Rhaya, Amy's personal Stooge/Sport Dog in training. She'll help with getting your dog more confident, being a very good distraction, and demonstrating behaviours that your dog will soon be able to do too. Rhaya is also Amy's Sport Dog, training in IGP/Schutzund, which is basically like police dog training for fun and competing for titles and certificates. There are three phases to the sport which include tracking, obedience and protection. 

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